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Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Are there any health benefits that come from HVAC system cleaning?

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems have been shown to collect a variety of contaminants such as mold, fungi, bacteria and very small particles of dust that have the potential to affect overall health, The removal of such contaminants from the HVAC system and home should be considered one component in an overall plan to improve indoor air quality.

How can I determine if the HVAC system cleaning was effective?

How often should residential HVAC systems be cleaned?

How should a residential HVAC system be cleaned?

What are antimicrobial chemicals and why would they need to be used?

What criteria should I use when selecting an HVAC system cleaning contractor?

What is the normal price range for the air duct cleaning service?

What kind of equipment is best for cleaning - truck mounted vacuums or portable vacuums?

Why should I choose a NADCA member to have my air ducts cleaned?

Will HVAC system cleaning reduce our home energy bills?


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