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What You Get When You Hire Healthy Duct

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and thoroughness. At the end of each job, clients will receive a comprehensive breakdown of the work completed. This assessment and job report will contain the ins and outs of the job.


When considering HVAC air duct cleaning our technicians will walk you through the process and involve you in the initial inspection. Our team is prepared to complete the work at the assessment date if you are comfortable with price and procedure. If you would rather schedule for another day or receive a written quote we would be glad to assist in your continued research. 


 Transparency is very important to us and we understand that you are both health and budget conscious! 

An estimate given at assessment will be considered a price "Not To Exceed" and will be honored whether a team spends four hours or seven hours to complete your job to your satisfaction. An average home can take between 3.5 to 4.5 hours to clean to a high standard.

12 Point Inspection

  • Air Handler/Furnace components (coil assembly, blower motor, etc)​​

  • Outside condenser unit and related coils and components

  • Bath vents

  • Dryer vent

  • Supply and return ductwork

  • Supply and return trunks

  • Existing moisture issues

  • Air gaps in trunks or torn mylar flex duct

  • Exiting  mold issues

  • Damaged ductwork or vents

  • Condensate pump

  • Proper air filter dimension/fit

Photo Verification Report

You will receive a photo-verification report highlighting areas of concern and a before and after photo array.

Why Healthy Duct?

Only Healthy Duct employs a seal-as-we-go standard. If there is a torn mylar flex duct or a gap in a main trunk we repair this as part of our duct cleaning service. We want to make sure that your system is properly sealed so you can breathe easy for at least the next five years.

Improve your indoor air quality

  • IAQ Testing

    • VOC's (volatile organic compounds)

    • Particle Count

    • Carbon Monoxide (CO)

    • Radon

    • Formaldehyde

  • Mold Testing and Abatement

  • Borescope Inspection

Restoration Standards

Strict standards and procedures are followed for your HVAC system care and duct cleaning. We are held to the highest safety standards and cleaning procedures by our National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

Our traning and ASCS and VSMR certifications are set to an  internation standard and governed by the Nartional Air Duct Cleaners Association, NADCA. Standards and procedures followed for your project. 

ASCS Certified

Air Systems Cleaning Specialist

2023 Healthy Duct Standards and Procedures

VSMR Certified

Ventilation System Mold Remediation

ACR The NADCA Standard 2021 Edition

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