Facility Assessment

Presented to: XXX Builders, Inc.

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XXX builders

xxx Street, Sharon MA 

Date of Inspection: 3/16/21

Contact: Txxx, Facility Mgr.

Technician Reporting: John Cox ASCS, VSMR

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The HVAC system and network of air ducts were visually inspected. The information in this report is private and shared only with the assigned designees of xxx Builders, Inc. Interpretation of the data collected in this assessment is meant to inform xxx as to the condition of their HVAC system. Recommendations will be made throughout this report. 

Chart 1

Project Specifications

AHU 1 (ceiling above office)

Chart 2

AHU 2 Roof-top unit #2

Chart 3

AHU 3 (Closet)

Chart 4
Chart 5

Air Handlers



A total of three air handlers were inspected, cataloged and cleaned. Please refer to chart 5 for inspection and cleaning checklist.


Air Handler Unit 1 (AHU 1) was found secured above the ceiling in manager's office. This unit was in good working order. Drip pan contained excessive dust and construction debris, but was dry and free of any biological contaminants. Refer to chart 2 for review system specs and  AHU #1 slide deck photos (above).

AHU 2 roof unit and its respective thermostat were not in working order. This unit has a broken/unattached pulley belt which had cut electrical wires upon failure. See chart 3 for system specs and slide-deck photos.


AHU 3 within the mechanical closet was in working order but has a leak resulting from a broken condenser connector. This unit was wet with a relative humidity of 23% within the unit itself. Water was passively spilling to the floor which was resulting in moisture wicking to items stored within the mechanical closet. Please refer to chart 4 for system specs and photo slide deck.


1. Repair Roof top AHU #2, belt & electrical wiring

2. Repair AHU 3 condenser tube attachment

3. Decommissioned roof top unit could be removed (shown in roof-top photo slide-deck above).

4. Replace two stained ceiling tiles in offices

Ductwork & Registers


A total of twenty-seven supply registers (27) and six (6) returns were recorded. Not including one (1) outside air intake. Ductwork was 16 inch galvanized metal. The ductwork is in good condition containing a moderate level of dust. Multiple access points were used in both the supply and return ductwork to attach 5,000 CFM HEPA negative air machine. Interior of ductwork was cleaned using  mechanically rotating brushes and a 33' flexible cable.

Product/tile, displays, desks and other work surfaces throughout the showroom were covered with .3 mil plastic to prevent cross-contamination.

All vents and registers were removed in order to accessed ductwork for manual cleaning. Registers were summarily cleaned and replaced in a pre-recorded order.


- No biological growth to be reported inside the system. Humidity and moisture levels well within accepted tolerances.

Repairs made: A junction of three flex ducts for the front men's bathroom was found disconnected. This was repaired. See photo slide-deck photo's #3, 4, &5. Rear bathroom heat vent was found unattached and reconnected


Exposed ductwork was intact and after two repairs all ductwork enclosed in the ceiling proved to be intact. Recommend inspection in one year.


Outside Condenser Units


Two ground-level outside air conditioning condenser units were inspected and cleaned. A third roof-top unit was inspected and coils were cleaned. Refer to slide-deck.

- A moderate amount of debris, mostly leaves, was found in each ground-level system. All debris was removed and unit vacuumed. Coils were cleaned with HVAC Coil System Cleaner. Aluminum fins were re-positioned (combed) back to optimum working position.


The area surrounding the concrete pads should be free of debris, particularly bark mulch.


Procedural Report


Thermal Imaging

Infra-red thermal imaging was employed to test for breaks in the system. Excluding two small repairs as noted above, the system was sealed efficiently.

Certificate of Inspection & Sanitization

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Inspection Schedule


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Infrared scanning for breaks in the system.