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Safe, Trusted, Accredited Duct and HVAC Upgrades in Waltham, MA!

Did you know that 45% of residential houses in the United States could benefit from increased duct cleaning and/or periodic HVAC upgrades?

Based in Waltham, MA - Healthy Duct LLC ( offers prospective customers a glimpse into how efficient, effective, and safe residential and commercial facilities should operate. John Cox (Owner/Operator) has specialized in this for over 30 years - boasting a Ventilation Systems Mold Remediators (VSMR) certification, and perfect five-star customer satisfaction rating. He walks each customer through the process of how a proper duct cleaning should be facilitated - corroborated by NADCA website - and always offers them as a neutral, unbiased source of information. Healthy Duct's primary NADCA certification is ASCS (air systems cleaning specialist), legitimizing its brand focus.

Upon arriving on a complimentary assessment, John's customers appreciate being walked through their system with a brief education of how Healthy Duct cleans not only the ductwork, but all of the air handler components, outside condenser unit, bath vents, dryer vents all while adhering to strict NADCA safety standards. These aforementioned safety standards are set in place to make sure that US households enjoy "healthy lungs" by boasting clean internal facilities (including ductwork, HVAC, etc.). Healthy lives are built first in healthy houses!

5 Signs That Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning:

1.) Mold is growing in your air ducts, negatively affecting the air quality in your house.

2.) Dust. Is your home dusty? To prevent future dust buildup, make sure that you replace your HVAC systems frequently!

3.) Frequent Respiratory Infections. Yes, these can occur from outdated and/or antiquated duct systems in YOUR residential/commercial home.

4.) Rodent/Infect Infestation. From time to time - mice, rodents, termites, or squirrels can make their way into your air ducts; breeding grounds for all sorts of harmful bacteria.

5.) Rising Energy Costs. Your heating and cooling costs should be relatively predictable from year to year. If you receive a bill that is noticeably high - dirty ductwork might be to blame (NADCA)

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