Facility Assessment

Presented to: Douglas A. King Builders, Inc.

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Light Foundation

1 Merchant Street, Sharon MA 

Project Date: 3/25/21

Contact: Tony Fernandes, Facility Mgr.

Technician Reporting: John Cox ASCS, VSMR

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The HVAC system and network of air ducts were visually inspected. The information in this report is private and shared only with the assigned designees of Douglas A. King Builders, Inc. (DAK). Interpretation of the data collected in this assessment is meant to inform DAK as to the condition of their HVAC system. Recommendations will be made throughout this report. 

The work area consisted of main lobby, three  offices. sitting room, conference room, kitchen, two bathrooms and two hallways.

There was a total of 14 registers, including returns. Three hundred feet of flex duct was cleaned as was 200 feet of main trunk. Four access points were cut to allow for cleaning/attaching negative air machine.

The supply trunk was found severely damaged In several areas.  A large metal beam had fallen from beneath the roof onto the supply trunk. The damage was extensive and appears to have been there for a long time allowing the conditioned air to escape throughout the ceiling cavity. Repairs were made on-site and documented in this report.

Two shower fans were found disconnected and were blowing air into the ceiling and the rest of the offices. These were repaired and reconnected.


Two four-inch open access panels were found on the supply trunk. These opening were covered using 16 gauge sheet metal, duct putty and sheet metal screws

Shower stall was found covered with 3" of sludge from prior flood due to plumbing issue in the 1st floor bathroom (Hesco). Septic debris was removed, Shower was washed and entire area disinfected. 

Fifty-percent of ceiling tiles are curled noticeably at their corners. It is our assessment that this was a result of conditioned air constantly flowing through the ceiling cavity.

Chart 1

Project Specifications

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AHU 1 (Roof-top unit #13)

Chart 1
Chart 2
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Slide-deck 1
damaged main trunk
damaged main trunk

support beam causing damage
support beam causing damage

damaged main trunk
damaged main trunk

Video 1

Air Handlers



Single forced air furnace inspected, cataloged and cleaned. Main trunk was damaged from a falling cross-member support beam. (shown in slide-deck 1 above, photos 2 through5)


Air Handler Unit was found blowing hot air from many seams along the trunk and multiple large openings caused by the falling beam. The efficiency of the system was comprised and the majority of conditioned air was landing in the space above the offices. The trunk itself was shifted and unsecured posing an immediate danger. Two four-inch circular openings were found with no duct work attached.

On-site Repairs: The beam was removed and the unit was re-secured using the same hardware. Seams were sealed and trunk was repaired with 16 gauge sheet metal, screws and UL listed HVAC foil tape. Two four-inch openings in main trunk were sealed with sheet metal and foil tape.


1. Although system is secure and back to optimal efficiency, it is recommended that unit is inspected by an installer.

2. Electrical cover plate to be installed (photo #21 slide-deck 1)

Ductwork & Registers


A total of twelve supply registers (12) and two (2) returns were recorded. Not including one (1) outside air intake. Ductwork was 8" insulated flex duct. The ductwork was in good condition (excluding main trunk) containing a moderate level of dust. Multiple access points were used in both the supply and return ductwork to attach our Nikro 5,000 CFM HEPA negative air machine. Interior of ductwork was cleaned using  mechanically rotating brushes and a 20' flexible cable with a 8" nylon brush (whip).

Computers, desks and other work surfaces throughout the office space were covered with .3 mil plastic to prevent cross-contamination.

All vents and registers were removed in order to accessed ductwork for manual cleaning. Registers were summarily cleaned and replaced in a pre-recorded order.

- No biological growth to be reported inside the system. Humidity and moisture levels well within accepted tolerances.

Repairs made: 3 duct connections repaired and two bath fan connections were repaired.


- Ductwork is at 100% efficiency. Recommend inspection in one year.

- 50% of ceiling tiles are curled at the corners and could be replaced

- The registers in the ceiling are rusted and could be replaced/painted

Slide-deck 2


Additional Repairs

As stated above, one shower was found contaminated with an abundance of sludge.  The matter was cleaned and disinfected to original sanitary condition.


Procedural Report


Certificate of Inspection & Sanitization

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Inspection Schedule

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