Photo-verification Report

54 Crestview Road, Waltham 02451

November 30, 2021

HVAC System care and duct cleaning

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Work done/Assessment:

HVAC system care and duct cleaning. One air handler unit cleaned including outside condenser unit. Supply and Return main trunks and associated ductwork and registers were mechanically cleaned with rotating brushes (whips). Compressed air was then blown through the system and all debris was captured in a Nikro 5000cfm HEPA negative air machine. AHU unit cleaned and in good working order. No biological growth to be reported inside the systems. The units had humidity and moisture levels well within accepted tolerances. See photo slide-deck.

Fans, Vents & Registers: Vents and registers were removed in order to accessed ductwork for manual cleaning. Registers were summarily cleaned and replaced in a pre-recorded order.

Main Trunks: Supply trunks were found to be sealed and was cleared of a moderate amount of debris. Unit was free of both moisture and biological contaminants. Return trunk was found open and was in need of repair.   

Ductwork:  Flex duct connections were found intact. The home space was left sealed and intact. Ductwork contained a moderate amount of debris, and was cleared. Access points were used in the ductwork to attach a Nikro 5,000 CFM HEPA negative air machine. Interior of ductwork was cleaned using mechanically rotating brushes and a 20' flexible cable with a 8" nylon brush (whip).


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