Property Assessment


1. Overview

The HVAC system and network of air ducts were visually inspected and cleaned. The information in this report is private and shared only with the assigned designees of Douglas A. King Builders, Inc. (DAK). Interpretation of the data collected in this assessment is meant to inform DAK as to the condition of their HVAC system and other potential issues related to this property.

The work area consisted of entire living space of the first and second floors, including basement and attic. Two air handlers, one in the basement and one in the attic, were cleaned and filters replaced (see specifications below). There were a total 21 of registers, including returns. Four bathrooms with associated vents and ducting were inspected and cleaned. 475 feet of flex duct including the galvanized main trunks were inspected and cleaned. Multiple access points were used to allow for inspection and manual cleaning and also to attach a negative air machine. Two outside condenser units were also cataloged and cleaned. Upon departure all door handles, railings, light switches and other touchable surfaces were sanitized.

Additional On-site Repairs/Areas of concern:


  • Please see link above for photo-deck of additional repairs


2. Project & System Specifications

Cleaning Method and Air Handler componets specified on page 6 of procedural report below.

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3. Air Handler(s)

ahu check list.png

Two forced hot air furnaces were inspected, cataloged and cleaned. The systems were in good working order. No biological growth to be reported inside the systems. The units had humidity and moisture levels well within accepted tolerances. See photo slide-deck.


5. Ductwork, Registers & Vents

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Fans, Vents & Registers: Twenty-one (21) vents and registers were removed in order to accessed ductwork for manual cleaning. Registers were summarily cleaned and replaced in a pre-recorded order.

Main Trunk: Supply trunk was found to be sealed and was cleared of a significant amount of debris, mostly pet hair. It was free of both moisture and biological contaminants. Access point were cut and re-sealed by SMACNA international standards. See photo deck.

Ductwork:  8"duct connections were found intact. The home space was left sealed and intact. Ductwork contained a significant amount of debris and was cleared. Access points were used in the ductwork to attach a Nikro 5,000 CFM HEPA negative air machine. Interior of ductwork was cleaned using mechanically rotating brushes and a 20' flexible cable with a 8" nylon brush (whip).



6. Containment, Equipment & Condensers

Containment Floors were protected, minimal containment as property was vacant.


Equipment: Nikro 5000 CFM Negative Air Machine. 2-Stage HEPA Filtration with 99.97% filtration. 5" static pressure, 115v/13 each of two motors. Varying sizes of Nylon and Silica rotating brushes (whips). 115v electric oil-free air compressor with forward & reverse blowing nozzles.

Condenser units: 

Two condenser unit were cleaned and were in good working order. Coil cleaner was used to improve efficiency of the coil assembly.


7. Procedural Report


8. Certificate of Inspection & Sanitization


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9. Inspection Schedule

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