Facility Assessment

Presented to: Douglas A. King Builders, Inc.

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11 Roosevelt Circle, #217

South Easton, MA 02375

Project Date: 3/25/21

Contact: Tony Fernandes, Facility Mgr.

Technician Reporting: John Cox ASCS, VSMR

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Project Specifications

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The HVAC system and network of air ducts were visually inspected. The information in this report is private and shared only with the assigned designees of Douglas A. King Builders, Inc. (DAK). Interpretation of the data collected in this assessment is meant to inform DAK as to the condition of their HVAC system.

The Unit was unlocked by DAK staff (Ronan) and was subsequently secured upon departure. The work area consisted of main living area, kitchen, bedroom, one bathroom and hallway. There was a total 9 of registers, including returns. 150 feet of flex duct was cleaned as was 75 feet of main trunk. One access point was used to allow for cleaning/attaching negative air machine.

Containment Furniture, carpet and other items throughout the  space were covered with .3 mil plastic to prevent cross-contamination.

Vent & Registers: All vents and registers were removed in order to accessed ductwork for manual cleaning. Registers were summarily cleaned and replaced in a pre-recorded order.

Main Trunk: The supply trunk was found to be sealed and was cleared of moderate dust. Eight inch supply-side flex duct was cleaned and with one connection reinforced. One bath shower vent was inspected and cleaned. System at 100% efficiency.


Ductwork: The ductwork was in good condition containing a moderate level of dust. Multiple access points were used in both the supply and return ductwork to attach a Nikro 5,000 CFM HEPA negative air machine. Interior of ductwork was cleaned using mechanically rotating brushes and a 20' flexible cable with a 8" nylon brush (whip).

Air Handler: Single forced air furnace inspected, cataloged and cleaned. The system was in good working order.  No biological growth to be reported inside the system. Humidity and moisture levels well within accepted tolerances.

On-site Repairs: None

Recommendations: System at 100%, inspection in one year.

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Procedural Report


Certificate of Inspection & Sanitization


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Inspection Schedule

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